Wife & 2 Kids

This is me, a wife and 2 kids. Respectfully described as Wifey, Kid1 & Kid2. Remember the Cat in the Hat's Thing 1 & Thing 2?! Yep those are my kids. Wifey is just my nickname for my wife. Follow me and you'll see that being a dad/husband isn't just "Honey Do" lists, black socks sandles & Mini-vans! It is so much more. Here you find random bits of stuff I like from architecture to shoes, lots of shoes! And all of the stuff me the Wifey, Kid 1 & Kid2 get in to on a daily basis.
George! Approved - W2K

George! Approved - W2K

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    George Nelson, ca. 1965
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    George! Approved - W2K
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